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    Global business travel matching service

    via live broadcasting and VR


    With 5G-based super speed live broadcasting, live VR and geolocation service, a client requests for a service to go where it is not accessible on a mobile and service provider fulfills the request in real time and makes money

    About Our App


    New broadcasting Platform!


    User directs an avatar with VR camera and smartphone.

    Under user’s direction, a user sees and experiences real-time

    immersive experience through the lens of VR camera held by an avatar.

    It is different from conventional proxy service. Rather it is an immersive experience service.

    Provides new experience and shared value!


     With our service, we will no longer miss our child’s school performance or the travel which we never expected to go. We no longer have to miss the important events of life by lack of time or distance. With loved ones, we can venture into shared travel and experience the event taking place on the other side of the earth.

    Service Fee – Performer and client each propose a fee!

    Travel live broadcasting service-with a base pay of \10,000 per hour, both client and performer negotioate the price.

    Special Broadcasting service-broadcasting overseas convention, information gathering, or other special request is to be negotiated by both performer and client.

    Our Service

     For instance, a performer acting as an avatar (To Do) announces that he would show snowy mountians of Iceland on Novermber 20th at 3 pm. When another user (Wish) accepts the announcement and request by “Please do”, match is made. Then, the avatar live broadcasts requested task and the user pays the avatar for the provided broadcast.


     During broadcasting, user can communicate with performer in voice or real-time translated messaging. Instead of a simple viewing, user can direct and suggest performer where to go and what to see. Live broadcasting can be recorded and downloaded from cloud server.


     We have also increase the mutual matching approach through function by putting a ‘to do’ and ‘wish list’ for people to inform their schedules and wishes for consultation, and allowed various screen selection for the users by choosing normal screen and VR screen.


    Our App Video


    App Key Service

    Live Broadcasting Travel Routine and Itinerary (2D, 360˚, Headset)

    Overseas user matching by country setting

    Real-time voice and message communication.

    In-app commission transaction between performer and client.

    Contents sharing and storing.

    Global translation.


    Company introduction


     MECLOUDS is currently operating real time global business travel and matching services through live streaming and 360-degree VR videos. The name of the project is called “RAS” or “Real Avatar Service”, and we have named the services “Towish”. The beta testing is being conducted now, and the services can be applied at 4G and 5G-based remote-controllable businesses, hospitals, schools, tours, leisure activities, shopping, entertainment industries, and more.


     The moments when you felt lost working urgently away from home or abroad, the bucket list ideas that you were not able to fulfill due to time and expenses, the wedding ceremonies of faraway family members, and the likes… Because I am busy… Because I live far away... Because I can’t turn to anyone for help... You don’t have to miss out precious moments of your lives anymore. With these services, you can go on a new sharing trip together with your important people and participate in significant events happening at the other side of the world effortlessly.


     In an effort to transcend time and economic reasons, we aim to provide services that allow people to share their experiences with each other and that enable the entire global population to stay connected. We also plan to produce immersive media and video contents additionally with the videos made through various travel sharing matching services. By challenging ourselves with these different attempts, we aim to be the pioneers of the new world at its starting point of infinite changes. Furthermore, we aspire to become a contents company that shares priceless memories and reminiscence with entire humanity.


     We will strive to be the embodiment of ideals in the real world, not dreams of imagination. We are MECLOUDS. Thank you very much for listening.



    Seoul,  South Korea


    Room 515, 18 Heungmu Building, 38-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul





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